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The student’s weapon is an extension of himself. During battle, if an opponent drops his weapon it is certain death. In Gumtoogi and Bongtoogi, the same principle applies. However, weapons are designed to be used for sparring, not death, so the consequences are not as dire. With Gumtoogi and Bongtoogi, the weapons are designed to be used in practice and in competitions, not in actual battle.

Gumtoogi and Bongtoogi are unique in that they use a wide variety of weapons during matches. Whether it’s long sword versus twin swords, or long staff versus dual short staffs, the dynamics are different every time. And with Hwa Rang Do®‘s extensive weapons arsenal, the combination possibilities are endless.

It is only through continued practice that a student can gain the proper skill, reflexes and stamina to become an efficient fighter. And only with the proper weapons can the student continue his practice without injuring his sparring partners.

The different weapons are as follows:

Initial Weapons Used in Hwa Rang Do’s Weapon Fighting:

  • Jukdo (bamboo sword)
  • Jung Jukdo (medium bamboo sword)
  • Jang Bong (rattan staff)
  • Jung Bong (medium stick)

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