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Sword Fighting

Gumtoogi is the Korean Art of Sword Fencing. It directly translates to “Sword Fighting Skill.”

At its core, Gumtoogi stresses the importance of facing your opponent without fear or hesitation, and only with conviction and courage. The Gumtoogi Warrior must have a clear mind, resolute determination, and commit to each strike as though it is the last strike he will ever throw.


Our goal is to offer the student the most comprehensive and complete martial arts experience. In order to truly understand and effectively apply the techniques one has learned, you must practice them in dynamic freeform – sparring with unrehearsed movements. Every movement has to be more than second nature; it has to be ethereal. The Gumtoogi Warrior must be ready to strike before he even has time to think. This is the benefit attending a special class to practice weapon fighting.

Every journey begins with the fundamental theory. The Warrior starts with a Jukdo (bamboo sword), covering the basic principles of Gumtoogi, then later moves on to other traditional weapons.

Initial Weapons Covered

  • Jukdo (bamboo sword)
  • Jung Jukdo (medium bamboo sword)


Armor Used for Effective Sparring

  • Hogu – Protective Body Armor
  • Ho-an – Protective Gloves
  • Hache Hogu – Protective Leg Armor (new and unique to Gumtoogi)
  • Hap – Protector for Chest
  • Kap-Sang – Protector for Hips
  • Myon – Protective Mask
  • Myong-Pan – Name Tag
  • Myon-Su-Gon – Towel for binding stand
  • Sanguei/Keikogi – Top (Part of Uniform)
  • Hauei/Hakama – Bottom (Part of Uniform)

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