The Battle Field


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The Battle Field

Posted: November 26, 2008 
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In late April 2009, the first In-Studio MUSA Challenge Gumtoogi and Bongtoogi competitions were held at the West Coast Hwa Rang Do® Academy. This is the first time a Sword and Stick Fighting Competition has applied the new fighting method which includes the Tari (leg) Strike. No tournament of this kind has ever been held. For many who are unsure or apprehensive about how the new fighting style works, this is the perfect opportunity to see it in action.

The challengers fought valiantly and displayed themselves magnificently throughout the event, showing amazing understanding of the new methods. Every match was riveting. The tournament was videotaped and posted on YouTube so that, for the first time, the world can see the new Gumtoogi/Bongtoogi style integrated into the world of Korean Fencing.

The videos can be viewed here:

The April MUSA Challenge is a precursor for the World Championship Tournament, which takes place in late July. All Hwa Rang Do® practitioners are required to participate in the many different disciplines of competition, including forms and weapon forms, weapon fighting, grappling, and free sparring.

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